Self-defeating humour promotes psychological well-being

Counselling · 5th November, 2018 · 1 min

A recent study has revealed that persons who use self-deprecating humour to gain others' affirmation, show greater levels of psychological well-being. This does however contradict previous research which suggests the contrary. People engaged in this type of humour show higher scores in areas such as happiness and, to a smaller extent, friendliness. This may not be across the board as cultural differences may show different results.
However humour may be used as a tool to mask negative intentions. While self-enhancing humour is used among those who manage their anger more effectively, people who use aggressive and self-deprecating humour manage anger less effectively. People can channel their anger using aggressive humour and justify their comments by referring to it's humourous content (University of Granada, 2018).
This is a Spanish study, it would be interesting to see how the Irish would fair in a similar study. We are, after all, very much a nation who enjoys a laugh..... mostly at ourselves !

Journal Reference:
University of Granada. (2018, February 8). Self-defeating humor promotes psychological well-being, study reveals. ScienceDaily.
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